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Physical Therapy and Yoga

Hey all! My name is Brittney Ellers, and I am a licensed physical therapist and certified yoga instructor. This site will connect us for private physical therapy and yoga sessions, as well as let you know where you can find me on the mat teaching yoga to the masses. Thanks for stopping by!

Physical Therapy

In home evaluation, diagnosis, and treatments that are tailored to your health and fitness goals, which can incorporate all of the tools of the trade below. 1-1 or couple sessions.

Pelvic Physical therapy

In home preventative and reactive pelvic health care for women and men, including external and internal examination and treatment for pain, prolapse, bladder, bowel, sexual dysfunction.

Private Yoga Instruction

Individual or small group sessions in your own home, complete with postural alignment and safe tips for progressing your yoga practice.

prenatal and postpartum Yoga Instruction

Individual or small group sessions in your location of choice, safe and nourishing atmosphere for you and your baby throughout all three trimesters and beyond.


THe active female and her cycle WORKSHOP

Individual or small group/athletic team workshop in your location of choice to discuss the significance of a woman’s reproductive/pelvic anatomy and menstrual cycle on her nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits. 60 minutes - 120 minutes. Optional coaching and team/coach training following.

Also available for 4 hour mother and daughter group workshop experience with Lorin Beller and myself. By appointment only at the location of your choice. 12-18 years old.

AFC at Longevity Physical Therapy March 2019

AFC at Longevity Physical Therapy March 2019

PUblic Yoga classes

Wednesday, Hot Yoga 7:30pm at Yoga Six Carlsbad

Thursday, Slow Flow 5pm at Yoga Six Carlsbad

Thursday, Deep Stretch 7pm at Yoga Six Carlsbad

Email or call for use of my FREE guest pass.


Orthopedic/athlete conditions or injuries, surgery prevention or post- operative rehabilitation, pelvic floor dysfunction, prenatal and postpartum conditions.

Tools of the trade

Functional assessment and training, strength and conditioning, yoga, manual joint mobilizations, myofascial techniques, hypopressive breath work, craniosacral therapy, patient education, daily routine modifications/amplifications, and mindfulness techniques.

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