Being Better

Physical Therapy and Yoga

Hey all! My name is Brittney Ellers, and I am a licensed physical therapist and certified yoga instructor. This site will connect us for private physical therapy and yoga sessions, as well as let you know where you can find me on the mat teaching yoga to the masses. Thanks for stopping by!


A little bit about me: Originally from Pasadena, CA, I graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle and received my BA in Communication and a minor in Dance. I completed my graduate studies at the University of St. Augustine in San Marcos, CA in 2016 to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a concentration in manual therapy. While in school, I rediscovered yoga and became a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Six, and have been using yoga as a tool in my practice and continue to teach public classes.

I have a special interest in teaching about women’s health as they cycle each month, how that can (and should) impact their work/home focus, exercise, and diet, which stemmed from my own journey of health (check out my blog for my story!). I am also passionate about helping women transform into mothers in the prenatal and postpartum period of their lives, and am certified in prenatal yoga and pelvic floor physical therapy. I treat holistically in North County San Diego, using a blend of all my skills.

My Mission: to grant easy access to knowledge that empowers you to learn more about yourself so that you can live the most fulfilling life you can dream up. I want to be your advocate, be your resource, and give you the tools you need on your road to Being Better.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve latched onto a more specific mission: being an advocate for women by providing education about their menstrual health and hygiene that’s accessible for all walks of life. My vision is that one day, I can travel the world to help women learn more about themselves and feel empowered through full embodiment. Instead of balancing work and life, I like to integrate all the things I love into one big experience. I love spending time on my own yoga practice, growing and loving on my plant babies, getting outdoors, traveling and exploring everything this world has to offer.

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